# Orderchamp API

Use the Orderchamp API to integrate your inventory, ecommerce, or point of sale systems with the wholesale marketplace. You can create apps for all users to install or private integrations with just your account.

If you have any questions about integrating our API, please contact us (opens new window). We’re happy to help!

# GraphQL

The Orderchamp API is built using GraphQL. This means you determine what you want to retrieve or send to the api. The API is located at the following url: https://api.orderchamp.com/v1/graphql

We have some pre-build packages to help you get started. If you're using Laravel check out our package here. If you are using a different php framework you can use our PHP client here (opens new window).

To test your graphql queries use our GraphiQL hosted client here (opens new window).

# Get started

Here is a list of helpful pages to get you started with our API. If there is any information missing please reach out to us.